Buzz about World Church Affirmation Sabbath


A listing of some articles published on other sites referring to World Church Affirmation Sabbath (reverse chronological order):

Sample Comments

WCAS is a project by members in the Upper Columbia Conference (parts of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho). We have been blessed at the interest that has been expressed far across the globe. Here are a few quick excerpts from sample emails and messages from individuals located in the following conferences which we have received in the last few days (Posted May 12, 2017).

From Washington Conference, USA:

Just got back from _____ where I was holding some meetings. Praise God, His Holy Spirit is still at work, changing people’s hearts and drawing them to Himself. My father in Japan received this attached email from a friend in Singapore. It concerns the World Church Affirmation Sabbath meetings being held in Eastern Washington… I don’t know what your respective churches will be doing this Sabbath but I would like to stand in solidarity with our brethren in Eastern Washington. May God lead and guide each of you as you seek His wisdom.

From Wisconsin Conference, USA:

Would you please let me know if these messages will be video taped, and if they are will they be available for purchase? My prayers are with the Conference. Pastor _________.

From Northern California Conference, USA:

We are in Northern California. We need to do this here. Do you know if there’s anyone else in this area who is already moving in these lines we can team up with? And also, let us know if you have any tips on how to accomplish this here too.

From Southern California Conference, USA:

Love it! Can we get together and plan affirming World Church events in cluster areas throughout, say, California? I would participate in being a ‘conference planner.’ Why do we have to wait for our ‘embryonic rebellious fragment’ to plan a quality, affirming, enjoyable event?

From British Columbia Conference, Canada:

Thank you for this support of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church. I am the pastor of … church in BC, Canada. Can we hold a similar support World Church Sabbath at our Church? If so, How? Could this become a Division-wide event?

From Oregon Conference, USA:

I’m from Oregon. How can I get involved in ‘World Church Affirmation Sabbath’? Several of us from here would like to come but can’t be there on the 20th. Can your speakers come to our church?

From Northern New Zealand Conference, New Zealand:

Are you planning to record these meetings and upload them to YouTube? We would love to view and hear them in this side of the world… . problems in the South Pacific Division! Another thought, would 3ABN have an interest in recording and airing these programmes? God bless in your planning for these programmes.

From Northern California Conference, USA:

I am a constituent member currently in Northern California. I’m not certain that I can arrange to attend the meetings on May 20, but I do want to help in some way. I have read the 10 principles of action. Several suggest that learning will take place at the meetings, but will you be doing any publishing of information after the fact? … How can I become involved besides the already stated prayer? … Thank you to whoever will read this.