How You Can Help

#1. Pray

Pray for Affirmation Sabbath. Creating faith-building, hope-filled events takes energy. Pray not only for WCAS groups gathering across the North American Division, but for God’s appointed leaders at the General Conference for wisdom, courage, and boldness to take the action steps necessary.

#2. Become Active in Your Local Church

God has given each Christian a work to do in the part of the vineyard He has assigned us. Be part of building up your local church congregation. Be in regular attendance in its meetings, Sabbath school, worship services and outreach events.

#3. Launch an Affirmation Sabbath Group in Your Conference

Each local church is part of the larger whole. See to it your church elects delegates who fully support the world church and who will be interested and energetic participants in your Conference constituency meeting. Interested Adventists should network together in their conference.

#4. Financial Donation

You can give a contribution through directly mailing funds to our PO Box or by making an online contribution. At this time we are not a fully registered 501c3 and we cannot assure you that your donation will be tax deductible.