Invitation to First WCAS Event

Members of the Upper Columbia Conference: God has assigned a mission: to evangelize the world. We are to know by personal experience Jesus, by act and word calling others to know Him.

Living at time’s end, we are to uphold the government of God in a judgment-ripened world. Humans have gone feral. But Jesus’ gospel brings us back!

We are part of a planet-spanning movement, a world church. We have part in the decisions made and in bringing into being faithful and blessed outcomes. Jesus is Head of His Church, and in Heaven’s plan responsibility has been distributed to us, the members of its congregations. We elect officers and delegates and seek God’s Spirit for the work of the Church.

Most members of the Upper Columbia Conference support the decisions of the world church in General Conference Session. We want to gather together and embrace the duties Heaven entrusts to this people.

World Church Affirmation Sabbath, May 20, 2017, is a special opportunity for Conference members to come together with Adventists seeking to keep up with the world church and to be part of its advancing mission. Come together for a special Sabbath afternoon of encouragement, instruction in the Word, fellowship, and an opportunity to be in support of the world church of which we are part. The presenters and organizers are laypeople from your own Conference and churches. Don’t miss this most timely event in support of the Seventh-day Adventist world church! Here is the current schedule for the event: Schedule for meetings.

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