Join Special Prayer for the World Church May 20

Author: Alyce Ispirescu

We live in difficult days. The enemy knows his time is short. He is putting forth every effort to distract us from the work of the Holy Spirit to unite us and prepare us for the latter rain. Now is the time to press together humbly and seek for the Lord’s blessing. We need to be in prayer all the more.

On Sabbath, May 20th, Stateline, OR, and Chewelah, WA, Seventh-day Adventist churches in Upper Columbia Conference, North American Division, are hosting World Church Affirmation Sabbath in support of church leaders and brothers and sisters around the world. Dedicated laypeople from our conference will be making dynamic presentations in support of unity and the world church.

The theme for this event, “Forward, with Yesterday in View,” focuses on God’s leadership in establishing our church in the past, His guidance today as we share the Three Angel’s Messages, and His promise of continuous care till He comes.

This is an opportunity to recognize the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a world-wide movement that encompasses every nation, tribe, tongue and people. Members of the world church are invited to join us in prayer on May 20. You and other members who are seeking for unity, are invited to pause together for prayer, whether at home, after service in the sanctuary, in your church parking lot, with fellow believers or alone. Send forth your earnest prayer for unity, God’s Spirit, and for our world church leaders.

Affirmation Sabbath has received inquiries from around the world from members longing to participate in some way, and to show their support for Seventh-day Adventist Church leadership. We invite you to pray with us.

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