Latter Rain Fall: Invite 2017Q3 WCAS

Author: Ron Elder

We say we want the Latter Rain to fall. We say we want to finish the work. Then we walk comfortably to the sidelines and assign others whose experience we do not know to carry the responsibilities of the church. Our actions do not match our words.

If we want to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church in Latter Rain power, hearts changing and souls won to Jesus, it is going to require more from us. In a word, it will require engagement.

We’re busy. Many things need to be done. But it is when we are busy, that our priorities are especially on display. Where do we put our time and energy? How do we spend it? Time is like money, only infinitely more valuable. How do we spend? For whom do we spend?

We should spend our best energies and yes, the time God has gifted us, in advancing His work in the earth. We should be laboring so that souls are prepared for heaven—our own, and as many more as can be persuaded to taste the goodness of Jesus. In essence, we should be deeply invested in the mission of God’s Church.

We invite you to attend this month’s World Church Affirmation Sabbath event. In Upper Columbia Conference the event will be held on the afternoon of September 23. In Oregon Conference, meetings will occur on September 16. If you are not in Oregon or Upper Columbia Conferences, watch the livestream to see what you could do in your Conference!

Presentation titles are “Current Events and the World Church,” “Those Called, Those Chosen,” “You Are Not Alone,” and “In Affirmation of the World Church.” The Oregon Conference meetings are a combination of these new topics with topics from the initial WCAS meeting. All presentations are newly prepared and delivered by laypeople and speak to present challenges as indicated in the topic titles. UCC WCAS will also unveil our new Total Member Involvement Initiative!

We should be praying for our leaders but more than this, we should be very much engaged in advancing the work in the Conference where we live and hold church membership.

We should be in attendance in our local church at its events sowing and receiving light, being light, being evidence that God’s kingdom is what it claims to be.

If the events they create are defective and are not advancing the kingdom well, we should help the planners to understand what is needed. If we are right, more involvement on our part can help the work be more right.

We should be ready to serve as officers in our churches. There are many needs and not enough hands. Are we interested in unity? In working in harmony with the world church? Then our leaders should know it. When you support something like WCAS, you help then know it.

We tend to feel isolated and alone. Wrong trends seem to be sweeping the Church. And yet, we are God’s mighty army, deployed by Him across the North American Division, very much in support of the message and mission of the world church. God has given into our hands as members the power to change things. It is easier to complain about them than to be actively involved, than to spend ourselves for Jesus to help them be right. We need to retrain ourselves to help the Church rather than critique her. We need to lovingly correct rather than moan and complain. We want to affirm the world church rather than stand by while it dissolves.

Who is needed to lead? We want Adventists who love present truth and will move heaven and earth to discover and carry out God’s will in harmony with the moving of God on the whole Church. We need to know each other as brothers and sisters; we need to commune with each other face-to-face so that we will know how God is leading and whom He is leading. A speaker can be livestreamed but face-to-face communion cannot. When we press together, the Holy Spirit can work. The Latter Rain can fall. That is the fellowship we need!

Consider yourself and your local church family especially invited by us for the 2017 third quarter WCAS event.

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