WCAS Videos, May 20, 2017

August 25, 2017: Almost all of Chewelah uploaded. More Stateline coming up!

CHEWELAH: “Why WCAS?” :: Eiji Minami

CHEWELAH: “How We’ve Been Led” :: Joel Haywood

CHEWELAH: “Messenger to the Remnant” :: Sally Sartin

CHEWELAH: “Truths We Must Share” :: Sorin Ispirescu

CHEWELAH: “Dangers at the Door” :: Don Eckenroth

CHEWELAH: “Non-unity to Unity: How” :: Randy Bierwagon

CHEWELAH: “In Affirmation of the World Church” :: Rhonda Backman

CHEWELAH: “Participant Interviews” :: Participants

STATELINE: “Why WCAS” :: Janet Lundeen Neumann

STATELINE: “How We’ve Been Led” :: Ron Duffield

STATELINE: “What is Protestant Biblical Interpretation?” :: Kent Knight

STATELINE: “Messenger to the Remnant” :: Eric Wenberg

STATELINE: “Dangers at the Door” :: Carol Avila-Elder

STATELINE: “Truths We Must Share” :: Rickey Kearns

STATELINE: “Non-Unity to Unity: How?” :: Phil Hutchins

STATELINE: “WCAS Offering and Notes” :: Janet Lundeen Neumann

STATELINE: “In Affirmation of the World Church” :: Kim Kjaer

STATELINE: “Conclusion”

STATELINE: “Participant Interviews”

More Stateline video coming Sept. 8, 2017.