The World Church Affirmation Sabbath Planning Committee (WCAS.PC) comprises the follow people:

(NOTE:  The churches indicated below are where the committee members hold their membership.  Those churches DO NOT necessarily support WCAS.)

  • Chair/Treasurer: Eiji Minami, MD, Chewelah SDA, WA
  • Communications Director: Linda Brehm, Stateline SDA, OR
  • Graphic Designer: Kenton Rogers, Winston SDA, OR
  • Internet Technology: Ed Brehm, Stateline SDA, OR
  • Data Collection: Will Fults:  Newport SDA, WA

Regional facilitators who also participate on the planning committee:

  • Janet Neumann, Stateline SDA Church, Milton-Freewater, OR
  • Michael Beldin, North Cascade SDA, WA
  • Randy Bierwagen, Newport SDA, WA
  • Sheila Cameron, Winston SDA, OR
  • Holly Joers, Clinton SDA, AR
  • Belinda Lowry, Chewelah SDA, WA
  • Boni Marshall, Oroville SDA, CA
  • Wayne Marshall, Oroville SDA, CA
  • Edwin Nebblett, MD, Grants SDA, NM
  • Jerome Niswonger, MD, Upper Ridge SDA, CA
  • Emily Schornstein, North Valley SDA, OR
  • George Schrems, Bonners Ferry SDA, ID