Statement of Harmony

This document is for churches to vote on and sign to remaining in harmony with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Already churches are signing...
Second Coming

Affirmation Sabbath — Christ is Coming Soon

Join us on February 16, 2019 for our next Affirmation Sabbath!


World Church Affirmation Sabbath (WCAS) is a gathering, organized by lay members, to affirm the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a world church and for fellowship, encouragement, and education.


Mission Statement

Our statement defining our purpose and where we stand.

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Principles of Actions

The principles we are seeking to encourage, teach, and affirm.

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Kent Knight

Principle #8:  Participants embrace the conviction that God is in control, and choose not to be intimidated by factions opposing truth in the Church.

For some, if not many, in ...

Lee Roy Holmes

“Unless the Lord of hosts had left to us a very small remnant, we would have become like Sodom; we would have been made like Gomorrah” (Isaiah 1:9).

A remnant ...

Kent Knight

Principle #7:  Participants commit themselves to pray for faithful workers, and for Heaven to provide godly, decisive leaders for the harvest.

This principle is broad in its scope and ...

Lee Roy Holmes

“Which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth” (1Tim. 3:15).

If a stranger were to stop you on the street and ask directions ...

Janet Neumann

A powerful message for today’s church comes from Prophet Elisha's life, in just a few lines of sacred text: “. . . There came forth little children out of the ...

Kent Knight

Principle #6:  Participants learn how to work effectively in board and constituency meetings.

Paul, more than any other of the apostles, addressed the widest range of issues affecting not only ...