World Church Affirmation Sabbath

North American Division Seventh-day Adventists in support of the world church

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Author: Janet Lundeen Neumann

Across 155 years, Seventh-day Adventists have seen many efforts to weaken the pillars of our faith — a foundation built upon the Holy Scriptures and affirmed in the writings of Ellen G. White.

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Author: Kent Knight

What makes World Church Affirmation Sabbath special? It is simply Adventist laypeople engaged in being Adventist. We are just doing what we “signed up” originally to do—to tell others about Jesus and to be faithful to the things He has revealed for His people.

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Author: Alyce Ispirescu

We live in difficult days. The enemy knows his time is short. He is putting forth every effort to distract us from the work of the Holy Spirit to unite us and prepare us for the latter rain. Now is the time to press together humbly and seek for the Lord’s blessing. We need to be in prayer all the more.

Invitation to First WCAS Event

Members of the Upper Columbia Conference: God has assigned a mission: to evangelize the world. We are to know by personal experience Jesus, by act and word calling others to know Him.