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Health Reform & The Third Angels’ Message

Presented at March 19 WCAS Event at Oroville SDA Church by Lucia Tiffany (Also viewable at  https://zoom.us/rec/play/pbamrtFXvuk3T3RGZpbjaMpcaeOGM5wXxr9P3Ed6R7-3jSE4tWaCPW0FcnASZGjps3hfnePMMCzQAOQ.6OqgYdH87267CF3Y)   It was warm sunny CA day. I was headed down the hill into Oroville to run errands Read more…

The Message

A presentation at WCAS event in Athens, TX on March 19, 2022 Also available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=iaCzJZaD4ng.   “The Lord in his great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through Elders Waggoner and Read more…