1. Participants support the world church.
  2. Participants seek unity on the basis of inspired truth rather than cultural compromise.
  3. Participants uphold God’s purpose for church organization and for pressing together rather than separation.
  4. Participants learn Protestant biblical interpretation—the historical-grammatical method.
  5. Participants are active and responsible members in their local congregation.
  6. Participants learn how to work effectively in board and constituency meetings.
  7. Participants commit themselves to pray for faithful workers, and for Heaven to provide godly, decisive leaders for the harvest.
  8. Participants embrace the conviction that God is in control, and choose not to be intimidated by factions opposing truth in the Church.
  9. Emphasizing connection to Jesus our Lord, participants learn how to resist pluralism, congregationalism, and other present errors.
  10. World Church Affirmation Sabbath emphasizes the Seventh-day Adventist representative form of church governance. We are the Church.