March 29, 2016 UCC Executive Committee votes new “commissioned minister” policy.

April 10, 2016 UCC Lay Advisory Council meets, learns of this. Concerned members organize petition drive. More than 11 churches send in petitions, and new policy is rescinded.

February 26, 2017 Lay Advisory Council meets, “misunderstandings” persist, and concerned members organize meetings for lay members seeking “the old paths” of Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy (Jeremiah 6:16).

May 20,  2017  First World Church Affirmation Sabbath—“Forward—with yesterday in view” open invitation to all Seventh-day Adventists, held in two regions of UCC; 600 constituents from 55 UCC churches, 14 lay speakers

September 23, 2017  Second WCAS event, “Forward in Unity and Faith” held in four locations

December 9, 2017  Third WCAS event, “Forward in the Spirit of Peace” held in eight locations

            February 14, 2018  UCC-WCAS meeting, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

March 17, 2018  Fourth WCAS event, “Doing God’s Work in God’s Way” held in eight locations

May 26, 2018  Fifth WCAS event, “Affirming the Pillars of Our Faith” in five locations

September 22, 2018  Sixth WCAS event, “Who Shall Be Able to Stand?” six locations

            November 2018  Statement of Harmony issued

            December 4  2018  WCAS banned by UCC, Texico

February 16, 2019  Seventh WCAS event, “Christ is Coming Soon” in 10 locations

            March 21, 2019  Dialogue started with UCC AdCom

May 4, 2019  Eighth WCAS event, “The Authority of the Spirit of Prophecy” in 12 locations

September 21, 2019  Ninth WCAS event, “Walking Through the Sanctuary” in 13 locations

February 15, 2020  Tenth WCAS event, “Gospel Order” in 10 location

February 27, 2020  UCC ExCom “effectively” lifts the ban on WCAS

WCAS continues to host meetings throughout 2021 and beyond, 3 times a year.