It is the purpose of WCAS to call for the unity of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church. This is only possible when each member throughout the world is vitally connected to the Truth, as it is in Jesus.

As WCAS aims to be a catalyst in realizing this unity by mobilizing the lay members of the church to get involved in proclaiming and living the three angels’ message, the specific message that was given to God’s remnant church in the last days, it should be emphasized that it is the truth that we primarily proclaim. When we are well acquainted with the truth, we can readily recognize the errors. We do not wish to spend extraordinary time and effort studying the errors, as there is a danger that we become what we behold.

However, brief descriptions of heresies that are more commonly encountered among our ranks may be of benefit to some, especially those who are new to our faith community. The resources that we have listed here are selected with special care that they are not primarily focused on the errors, but focused on bringing out the truth in comparison to the errors.

Errors must be pointed out and removed, but we must do so with utmost care that those who hold errors and teach them have opportunities to turn around to the truth.

Please read the articles written by Jerry Niswonger. The first one is titled “Introduction to Conflict in the Church” in which he warns us to avoid the spirit of Satan which divides us. In the second one titled “My Testimony,” he shares his personal experience regarding the danger of unduly dwelling on errors. The third article summarizes the attitude with which we are to approach the errors taught in our church and those who teach such errors.

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